About Us

With Basto craftsmanship and care, you’ll have a memorable experience from the first handshake, to long after your project is complete — guaranteed!

Our greatest focus is to produce the kind of home construction and renovation work that builds trust and confidence. To achieve that, we put the highest level of care into our work, the materials we use and the client experience we provide. We firmly believe this is simply the best foundation that can be built in the home construction business today.

We know it’s important, too, for you to feel confident with the many decisions needed for your reno or building project. So we’re happy to discuss your ideas and plans any time, should you be looking for advice on viability, suitability or some other options that might be more successful.

Have a set of plans that you’d like to get going on? We can help finalize the details and then we’ll make sure they’re transformed into a home or space you’ll love!

Our Promise

In-house, we feel you should never need a warranty. We know if we do the work properly up front, you won't have any concerns down the road. Of course, we do offer an official warranty plus various manufacturers' warranties, so feel free to ask us for more details.

Our team

  • Kevin Basto

    Lead Construction

Our History

For over ten years, we’ve been working with home interiors and exteriors, seeing what materials and techniques work best, what needs improving in industry practices, and perfecting the construction methods that will bring our clients the greatest rewards. With a wide range of building and general contracting experience, we offer the project planning and management that will ensure your home works in every way – functionally, aesthetically and for the way you live your life!