Whole Home & Multi-room Renovations

As investing in the value of one’s current home becomes more attractive in recent years, our business is more and more about multi-room or full home renovations. So for us, we invest a great deal of time in seeing that your money is well spent by:

  • Providing in-depth consultations to develop the perfect home transformation
  • Offering expert advice from the start so that you can make informed decisions
  • Developing a fully itemized contract and quote that you can count on
  • Obtaining any permits needed for project completion
  • Planning and scheduling so that all the project pieces fall into place as needed
  • Employing highly skilled craftspeople and specialized trades on our projects

Perhaps you’ve decided to finally rebuild your home into the place you’ve always wanted. Or maybe you’re thinking of transforming your basement to make it feel as comfortable as the rest of the house. Whether it's your entire home or just a section of the house, we’ll make sure all the details are right from the start and then completed to your full satisfaction.

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